Monday, June 1, 2009

New pattern books

I'm beaming with pride because I have followers who know how to follow my blog, plus I have figured out how to follow blogs through Google friends. The other methods confuse me. Whatever. I will get the hang of it eventually, unless, of course, I am distracted by an enticing sandwich or something. (Pausing to bask in the glow.)

I listed pattern books today. I have never sold pattern books before because I find patterns too confusing. But I know other people out there do not have ADD and can follow a pattern successfully without creating a sweater with one arm longer than the other.

The two new books are from Laines du Nord and one is more hip than the other one. It is called Simple Knits Book 4 by Jane Ellison. 

Coming soon: I'm making a bizarre, rustic, autumnal table runner. My husband swears it is cool, although I had my doubts.

dj runnels
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