Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Are they following you back on Twitter? An easy way to check.

Everybody wants to know if the people they follow on Twitter are also following them back. There are probably programs that will help you find out, but I don't like using those things. Some of them ask for your password and then start churning out spam under YOUR NAME because they have access to your account. Not cool.

Anyway, I was tinkering around on Twitter and found a relatively easy way to see which of the people whom you follow are also following you. It takes a few minutes. If you have over a thousand followers, it may take 20 to 40 minutes. Rough estimate. It also depends on how many people are using Twitter at that moment, since it slows down when traffic is heavy. But this technique does work and if you are the sort of person who wants to indignantly unfollow these non-followers, hey, go for it. You will be able to do so instantly.

Open your Twitter account. Do this online at Twitter because I am not sure if this works from TweetDeck or any other program.
Click on PROFILE in the upper right corner.
Drift down a few inches.
See the word FOLLOWING under the number of people you follow? Click that.
It will take you to a page of the people YOU follow.
There are two icons in the upper left end of a pale gray bar.
Select the second icon, which is called LIST.
Now you see a condensed list of people you follow.
Across from these names, over on the right, is a column entitled "ACTIONS."
The ACTION column contains buttons showing a picture of a sun or something.
For each person, click on that SUN button.
It will give you a choice of 3 or 4 actions you can take.
If it gives you 4 choices, the second choice will be sending a Direct Message to that person.
But if it only gives you THREE CHOICES--and sending a Direct Message is not one of the choices--then this person either STOPPED FOLLOWING YOU or has never followed you.

Now you must decide: is it important that they follow you? Some people believe it is irrelevant. But if you wish, you can UNfollow them on the spot, because that will be one of the three choices you are given. I do not endorse this behavior, but hey, people DO want to know and that's why I'm letting you know. Something to keep in mind is that some people do not add new followers every day. If you only recently added a person, maybe they have not seen you yet. You might want to give them a couple of weeks.

dj runnels
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