Thursday, October 15, 2009


Just listed a cutter quilt. It has a flaw in the corner, otherwise I would sell it as a vintage quilt. I was going to make pillow covers out of it but my project list is in serious, serious backlog.

Not feeling well today, but I did want to post a list of what I sell and/or am working on. It's a cut-and-paste, which is as much as I can handle right now.

handwoven handbags, pillows, wall pockets, scarves, handknit bags, neckwarmers, rugs, hats, hoods, belts, eyeglass cases, primitive chokers, hippie necklaces, trader beads, jewelry findings and gift boxes for jewelry makers, handmade polymer clay scarabs and other pendants, papier mache bowls, potpourri holders, handpainted boxes and wooden housewares, ethnic and cultural antiques or vintage house wares, rare and antiquarian books, maps, sheet music, ephemera for paper crafts, handmade zombie journals, garden journals, arts and crafts and design books, supplies for professional crafters such as shopping bags, mannequin heads, candle holders, empty jewelry boxes, garden castles, birdhouses, bird feeders, garden stakes, bookends—these last few products in conjunction with my husband, the woodworker.

dj runnels
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