Friday, May 28, 2010

Weird fabric I created -- Yes, I know, it's ...well, weird

What is it with me and fabric?  I can walk into a humongous fabric store or sift through an enormous fabric web site or comb Artfire or eBay and STILL not find a single one I like, at any price.  I don't want teal or purple or magenta.  Okay, I lied, I like those, too.  But what I am always looking for is a rustic, funky, earth tone woven with slubs in it.  If I find anything remotely like that, it is always for draperies and not machine washable.  I want washable cottons and linens that look as if they tumbled off a camel's back while it sauntered along in a caravan in Northern Africa.  I want the color to look like something in my spice cabinet.  And I want to make tunics and long robes and drawstring pants out of it, so machine washing is required.  I have all these ideas in my head waiting to be translated into clothing, but I cannot find the materials I need. 

Does anyone know of any online stores with rustic, textured and/or woven fabrics?  This blog is read-only, but you can reply on Facebook.

Anyway, in a fit of frustration, today I took a bed sheet that started out as sateen but has faded and weathered to something unrecognizable.  I ran it through the washer with Rit dye and later bleach. Several cycles later, I finally have something funky, soft and brown.  Kind of a lot of effort to invest in used fabric, but at least it's comfy and broken in.

This isn't it. In the photo, I mean. My eyes are not quite able to shoot photos this week.

dj runnels
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