Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My knitted hat confession (I'm so ashamed)

I have a terrible secret to share with you. My knitting isn't all that great. It's not easy for a yarn seller to admit that, but I like to build the self-esteem of others, so WTH.  I admit it.  My stitches are fine.  But I daydream and cannot follow directions well so my results are usually such that I hold my handiwork up to the light and grimace. "Hmmmm.  Well, I guess I'll just wear this around the house."

The hats I knit are unusually lame.  It's kind of embarrassing, since I am a supporter of Halos of Hope, which makes and donates hats to chemo patients.  I keep thinking I should make hats for them but I have to question whether anyone would wear them.

Today I am cleaning out a drawer full of winter hats that I made.  I found two hats that are fairly presentable only because the wool felted, making it impossible to see how funky my decreases were near the crown.  They are far too warm for chemo patients, since I think they would keep someone warm at the polar ice caps. Maybe I will donate them to Afghanistan.  It is much colder in that country than most people realize and we donate goods to the military and locals there all the time.

That sweater above?  That's a sweater I made while daydreaming. The fit is strange, but the drape is wonderful. I made that using one of my yarns called Baked Alaska.

Back to whatever I was doing.  Ta ta.

BTW: My current yarn clearance is doing well, if you knit/crochet.  Some of the best deals you will ever see, from me or anyone.

dj runnels
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