Saturday, January 29, 2011

Soldiers going hungry in Afghanistan this past week

The Air Force CASF evacuation unit at Bagram, Afghanistan gets over 200 patients per week needing medical evacuation.  Since these patients face a seven-hour flight to Germany, the medical base asked for snacks of all kinds to give them.  Members of the Soldiers' Angels Medical Support Team have stepped forward to assist.  With the help of many donors, including the Harry & David Store located in Geneva, Illinois, we have shipped over 30 cases of snacks in 10 days.

For some reason, we have gotten requests from several medical units in the past week  or two asking for food.  One unit lost their dining tent due to artillery fire.  Another one lost supplies that were interrupted somehow en route to their camp.  It would be great if people would send over a package via Soldiers' Angels.

Just to clarify: this does not mean you should write an angry letter to your congressman demanding to know why the U.S. Army isn't feeding our troops, okay?  Just pop some jars of peanut butter and a box of crackers into a Priority flat rate box and send it over.  Even though it is going overseas, a flat rate box only costs $11 to ship.  Email me and I'll give you an address (I don't want to post them on the internet).  Or sign up in the Soldiers' Angels group on Facebook.

dj runnels
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