Monday, February 14, 2011

Finally! I have a reason to like Valentine's Day.

I was always a pink and red hearts-and-roses kind of woman, but the past decade has led me to dislike Valentine's Day.

One year my father died during Valentine's week, necessitating several days of travel for a wake, funeral and burial held in different locations. The day before his funeral, my wonderful husband hid foil-wrapped chocolate hearts around our motel room for me to find. I will always appreciate his touching gesture. But my thoughts were elsewhere.

Another year, a gunman opened fire at Northern Illinois University, not far from my house, killing half a dozen students. That prompted me to make a commemorative button. (I had trouble photographing this clearly until Judy of Portable Graffiti gave me valuable advice.)

Another year, my nephew went missing in a canoe accident. His body wasn't found until Easter. That incident still stuns me to my core.

So when Valentine's Day approaches each year, I have the February variation of "Bah, Humbug" coursing through my veins.

This year was different.

Zibbet decided to interview me as their featured artisan and it hit their front page today. By the time you read this, the interview will be here. The response from friends and family has been wonderful. But the accolades from other artisans and strangers has really surprised and delighted me. It's almost like having a birthday, only bigger. I am running around thanking everyone individually. I am so honored by this, I cannot even begin to convey it, but I will certainly try.

Happy Valentine's Day to a world of sweethearts.

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