Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Get your negative vibes outta here. I'm in Pollyanna mode.

My husband and I were watching someone perform a sport on TV--let's say it was tennis --and he turned to me and said, "Too bad Mike isn't here. He would have told us everything this guy did wrong."

"Mike," whose name I have changed to prevent World War III, is a tennis buff.  Okay, he's not really a tennis buff, because I am changing the sport, too, but the principle is the same.  Mike plays tennis every chance he gets and knows all there is to know about a proper serve, how to stand, brands of rackets, which court surface is the best and so on, to the point where I wonder if anyone has ever played a game of tennis that lived up to his standards.  I actually do care about Mike, but I cringe when the subject of tennis comes up, because I know there will be a painful yet brief lecture laced with sarcasm and negativity.

What worries me is that Mike seems unaware of how he sounds when he does this.  If I am put off by his negativity--and I really care about him!--how must others respond? It's not my place to tell him or correct his behavior, but sometimes I wish I could gently let him know that he is turning away the positive responses he might get from others if he were to convey positive thoughts to begin with.

In contrast, I had a wonderful exchange with someone in an email the other day.  She radiates happiness, charm and optimism.  She shared with me her joy of crafting.   Like attracts like.  I found a kindred spirit in her.  I basked in the glow of her creativity and she basked in mine.  I want to foster this in others, but if I don't always succeed, I at least want to share what I feel and connect at some level. If someone sneers at my weaving (or my tennis serve), I back away and do not let them daunt me.

But just as I am somewhat impervious to negativity, so is Mike somewhat impervious to positive vibes.  He lives in an unhappy universe, I'm afraid, unless he decides there is another way to be.

dj runnels
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