Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I renamed all the streets in my neighborhood and here is why.

Today is the birthday of my nephew, Ethan, and since he was a bike guy extraordinaire, I decided to take my first bike ride of the season to commemorate him.  

This was an ambitious endeavor, since it followed a night of insomnia and two hours of intensive yard work.  We passed up any notion of traversing Heart Attack Hill--our nickname for a particularly steep street near our house.  But we did glide past Pulmonary Plateau, pedaled meaningfully through Osteo Avenue and came to a pathetic halt around Coronary Corridor.  

As I told my husband, "My goal is to be so freaking sore tomorrow that I won't be able to tell which aches are from which activity."  I am confident that I will get my wish.

Happy Birthday, Ethan. I miss you.

dj runnels

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