Friday, May 28, 2010

Weird fabric I created -- Yes, I know, it's ...well, weird

What is it with me and fabric?  I can walk into a humongous fabric store or sift through an enormous fabric web site or comb Artfire or eBay and STILL not find a single one I like, at any price.  I don't want teal or purple or magenta.  Okay, I lied, I like those, too.  But what I am always looking for is a rustic, funky, earth tone woven with slubs in it.  If I find anything remotely like that, it is always for draperies and not machine washable.  I want washable cottons and linens that look as if they tumbled off a camel's back while it sauntered along in a caravan in Northern Africa.  I want the color to look like something in my spice cabinet.  And I want to make tunics and long robes and drawstring pants out of it, so machine washing is required.  I have all these ideas in my head waiting to be translated into clothing, but I cannot find the materials I need. 

Does anyone know of any online stores with rustic, textured and/or woven fabrics?  This blog is read-only, but you can reply on Facebook.

Anyway, in a fit of frustration, today I took a bed sheet that started out as sateen but has faded and weathered to something unrecognizable.  I ran it through the washer with Rit dye and later bleach. Several cycles later, I finally have something funky, soft and brown.  Kind of a lot of effort to invest in used fabric, but at least it's comfy and broken in.

This isn't it. In the photo, I mean. My eyes are not quite able to shoot photos this week.

dj runnels

Friday, May 14, 2010

A violation of our privacy

Go here and type in your name.
If you are as freaked out over your listing as I was over mine:
cut and paste the link
click on HELP
find the link that says you want your listing removed
then confirm it by email.

Now the bad news.  There are other sites like this.  And it takes time to remove your private information from all of them.  I find this whole thing disgusting.

dj runnels
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