Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Figuring out fiber content in fabric and yarns

Whenever I try to diagnose the fibers in "mystery fabrics" or yarns with missing labels, I find the information online to be very hard to follow, so I came up with this flow chart to make it slightly simpler.  It's only accurate for fabrics and yarns that are primarily one fiber.  An awful lot of yarns are blends and those are harder to test.

Hope you can read this.  If it's too small, you might try holding the Control key and clicking the plus sign next to your backspace key.  The plus sign enlarges; the minus sign decreases.

Castle Gold
The two yarns shown here, by the way, are by Life's an Expedition yarns and are listed on Etsy.  But the chart above won't help you discern fiber content of Life's an Expedition yarns, because they are mostly blends.  Many of them have four or more different fibers in them.  Then again, most of my yarns already have fiber content listed on the label unless it's one of our big destash listings.

Have fun.
dj runnels

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