Sunday, November 11, 2012

What if you live in a warmer clime and want a "winter" scarf?

Here's the "winter" scarf I've been making for those who live in the American southwest, Texas, southern California, the deep south:  the Life's an Expedition scarf.  It's been brought to my attention that I haven't really told people enough about these. 


The Expedition scarf is cotton, thicker and heavier than most scarves, pre-shrunk, weathered, dyed by hand to make it interesting.  It has frayed, natural edges and often a compass, Asian symbol or other travel oriented motif.

So while those Northerners clamor for long knit scarves to cope with blizzards, those of you in warmer and more temperate climes can slap one of these around your neck.

It just plain makes sense in any terrain where a long woolly knit scarf just won't cut it.  Take it camping or on road trips.  Use it to block wind, dust, dirt, sand.   It's bigger and tougher than a bandana.   You can literally haul kindling and small firewood with it.   Or tie your backpack in a tree to keep critters from going through it.

Those who live in...shall we say, rough urban terrain also find them useful and even fashionable. 


Then we have the Expedition scarf hybrids called the Lhasa scarf.  Rugged, but more exotic, often containing a vintage or recycled fabric or two.

The Lhasa version is more for fashion, but equally rustic and primitive looking.  It incorporates knitting and crochet accents, silk sari components and ...well, okay, these aren't for hauling firewood, but they look at home around a campsite just as easily as a night on the town.  In fact, one of our last Expedition scarf sales came from New York.


dj runnels
Life's an Expedition
See the scarves here.
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