Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Resurrect old tees into wearable ones

This was a t-shirt that I got from a garage sale for 50 cents. No, not the performer. The monetary amount, as in half a dollar.

I loved the top of the shirt but the bottom always twisted sideways for some reason. So I cut off the bottom--from the rib cage on down--and sewed on a long piece of fabric and wore it as a dress. I used a t-shirt scrap to make a patch pocket on the right side and added a decorative tan wooden button. Ten years later, it was still in excellent condition, so I shortened the hem and I now wear it as a shirt over jeans. It's one of my favorite tops of all time. The sleeves look wrinkled on me because I had them pushed up above my elbows, as is my habit.

Find more remakes of t-shirts, along with directions.

dj runnels
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