Monday, May 11, 2009

Summer Activity List for Kids

School will soon let out for the summer and the little cherubs will be whining, "I'm borrrrrred" and "I don't have anything to doooooo." I suggest setting aside a few minutes to make a list of activities and post it on the refrigerator. Add to the list as you think of new activities. Ideally, the to-do list should include both family and solitary events, with and without school friends, indoors and outdoors, special events, cheap excursions and a few useful chores disguised as fun.

I would not bother to list TV or video games, since kids will gravitate toward those too often without any prompting from you.

Some suggestions for your list:

  • library
  • swimming
  • email Grandma
  • find a penpal in another country
  • learn a new language
  • plant flowers
  • zoo
  • write a story
  • make wrapping paper
  • make fruit juice popsicles
  • play Clue or other board games
  • collect cans for a food pantry
  • start a neighborhood newspaper
  • museums
  • search for fossils or interesting rocks
  • learn to identify trees by their leaves
  • start a vegetable garden
  • make birthday cards
  • write to soldiers in Iraq
  • collect used clothing for kids in Afghanistan
  • learn to knit
  • wash the car
  • clean out the inside of the car
  • go to yard sales
  • visit a pet store
  • learn soccer
  • bake muffins for a neighbor
  • cut long sleeve tees into tanks
  • cut long pants into shorts
  • make a birdhouse
  • make place mats from paper and rubber stamps
  • catch and release butterflies
  • cut out newspaper coupons
  • make a piggy bank out of a salt box
  • play t-ball
  • ride a bike
  • take a walk
  • organize family photos
  • have a garage sale
  • paint toenails
  • use sidewalk chalk outside
  • play in the sprinkler
  • hide & seek
  • play tag
  • make something out of a huge box
So when you hear, "I'm bored," your correct response is "let's go look at the refrigerator list."

BTW: the birdhouse shown in the photo is no longer available, but we DO sell birdhouses on Etsy and Artfire. My husband makes them and I paint some of them. The birds themselves will nest in them; we can't take credit for that part.

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