Sunday, March 14, 2010

Paper mache mannequin heads

People have been asking how to cover a styrofoam mannequin head with papier mache. I have mannequins for sale, so I am guessing these people want to emulate my technique and make their own. I mentioned this to my husband, who is known for his wit, and he instantly replied, "First, take a wire brush and give the styrofoam a good scrubbing. Next, take some battery acid..."

I'm pretty sure you can see why I married him.

I have four left, most of them papier mache, so I am reluctant to impart my techniques just yet. If you can make one, why would you buy one from me? But maybe after all my mannequins are sold, I will write a tutorial. It is a fair amount of work and my papier mache skills have evolved over time, so with the exception of people who have used this craft technique before, I'm not sure this project is for everyone.

I began in papier mache...oh, don't roll your eyes like that! You tell long stories, too! And anyway, my stories are funnier than yours. Nyah. I began making papier mache puppets as a child. My mother had a lengthy magazine article about how to make puppet heads, sew costumes for them, construct a stage and so on. There was even a storyline, a cohesive theme and an actual script to go with these puppets. But mostly I remember the puppets.

OMG. I was going to write a tutorial about how to make puppets but I suddenly realized that I would like to make puppets and sell them. Rats. Jotting this down as idea #572 and I don't know when I will get around to the first 571 on the list. Never mind that I can barely walk through my yarn studio or my inventory room. Gotta go!

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dj runnels
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