Thursday, April 7, 2011

The AMAZING puppy dream

Last night, I had an extremely detailed dream about a rescue dog program. I saw men in camoflage uniforms logging in data entries and checking out special dogs that were about to go out on assignment and save people's lives.

I awoke at 3am with the sense that this was an important dream that I should tell my husband about.  I found DH on the computer and told him what I had dreamed, adding that it felt as if there were some important message in this dream, as if we should be helping these men and the dogs.  Well, guess what? Moments earlier, DH had read an email from one of the soldiers at one of the combat support hospitals he works with overseas via a national organization that helps American military deployed overseas.  In that email, the soldier tells DH about a dog they are using to help wounded soldiers cope with extreme stress.

What the--?  I know, right?

DH and I have had other similar incidents in which one of us was dreaming while the other one was watching TV or using the computer and encountering images or information similar to the content of the dream.  And a few times, we were both asleep, dreaming similar things.

These have nothing whatsoever to do with this story. I used the photo because there were dogs in it.

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