Thursday, August 30, 2012

Everyone asks, "How do I launder this yarn?"

Washing something made with Life's an Expedition yarn is like washing any other knit garment.

I launder all knit garments, including those I made, either by hand OR in a mesh bag in the washer on delicate cycle for just a few minutes. The mesh bag is very important. Zippers and long fingernails and rings can snag your garment like crazy. Use cold water and shampoo instead of detergent. It's best to wash garments separately, as I have found some will ooze color, especially cotton chenille and hand-dyed wool.  But if I've washed something before and know for sure it is colorfast, I may throw it into a mesh bag with other things.

Shampoo is better than detergent for washing wool and it doesn't have to be a premium brand. I like Suave professionals with humectant in a white and blue bottle. My mom uses baby shampoo. We both agree to avoid Woolite, although it's fine for lingerie. 

I used to dry my work flat on top of the washer or on a bath towel in the bottom of a bathtub. Now I have mesh sweater drying racks that stack up; found 'em on eBay. 
Baby your hand-knits and they will last longer. If you live in a cool dry climate, the humidity will help humidify your house. 

dj runnels
Life's an Expedition.
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